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Romy Pastrana 91.44 cm Short actor

Short actor -- Philippines Philippines
Romy Pastrana 91.44 cm Filipino actor and midget comedian. Better known as " Dagul" in his showbiz career in the Philippines.Romy "Dagul" Pastrana is a Filipino midget comedian. He was born in Victorias City, Negros Occidental in October 5, 1958 and is married with 3 children. the sixth short actor in the world. Short actor.


Short actor: Romy is the only grownup in the hit kiddie Sunday children's gag show titled Goin' Bulilit (2005). His height blends so well with the kids, he's like one of them. Short actor.
From doing smaller roles in movies such as Isprikitik, Walastik Kung Pumitik (1999) and Juan & Ted: Wanted (2000), Dagul gained even more exposure when he became Long Mejia's sparring partner in GMA's defunct comedy sitcom Kool Ka Lang (2001). Short actor.
Short actor: Viewers already appreciated the "Long and Dagul" tandem when the former decided to transfer to ABS-CBN. Dagul followed. Long Mejia became a regular co-host of Willie Revillame's Masayang Tanghali Bayan, while Dagul did some guest appearances. Short actor.
Short actor: Soon the tandem split up. Long was included in the cast of Home Alone da River(2002) and Home Along Da Airport (2003) and became preoccupied with doing movies. Dagul, on the other hand, became more visible on TV. He was a mainstay of the defunct sitcom Ok Fine Whatever (2003) and, up to now, a regular in Goin' Bulilit. Short actor.


TV shows

  • Banana Split (2008) as a guest appearance
  • Goin' Bulilit (2005-present)
  • Yes Yes Show (2004-2005)
  • Ok Fine Whatever (2003)
  • Kool Ka Lang (1998-2002)


    • Mr. Suave (2003)
    • Cass & Cary: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? (2002)
    • D'Uragons: Never Umuurong, Always Sumusulong (2002)
    • Burlesk King Daw, O! (2000)
    • Juan & Ted: Wanted - Chuck (2000)
    • Isprikitik, Walastik Kung Pumitik (1999)
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